Anonymous asked:

A bit drunk Angelina sent her butler to call upon the marchioness, wishing for her company in this her darkest hour. It was the anniversary of her daughter's tragic abortion, and her husband's demise. She did not wish to be thus alone. (covetousmadam)

francesmidford answered:

Frances could only wish that the carriage could go faster than its current pace. It seems to happen every year even though Angelina always insists that she would be fine. A bag had been packed and sat on the roof of the carriage, Frances knew she would most likely be spending the night, or the next few at that. She couldn’t bear to leave her sister in law in such a state and was willing to do anything she could for her.




It didn’t take much longer for Frances to arrive at the manor. Quickly she was escorted to where Angelina was while her trunk was being carted by servants. “Sorry I am late.” Frances said as she entered the room. Quickly standing beside Angelina. “Now dear you know all that wine won’t help you any.” she began, slowly taking the glass from her hand.

"It helps me to forget," she muttered, standing to bestow her normal French kisses upon Frances’ cheeks. "Thank you for coming…I know I said I wouldn’t need you this year, but…"

"It’s alright, sit down." she instructed as she helped her back into her seat. "Let’s get you something to eat and fill your stomach a bit, sound good?" with her mother instincts kicking in she had a servant scurry off to fetch some lightly flavored foods for her sister in law while she took a seat next to hers.